High performance event based billing system which enables your business to have razor sharp granular billing precision to charge your customer a tiny fraction of a cent per individual event and more!.

This offering includes:

Hanbai Catalogue Manager

Advanced product catalogue offering, designed to support complex nested billing scenarios and use cases such as: pay-per-use (time and value based), recurring billing, one-time-purchases, consumables, dynamically progressing subscriptions, pay-per-use fall back subscriptions. It’s core features include:

  • Nested products and product features
  • Region based products and feature availabilities
  • Region based product and feature pricing
  • Tax computation, currency conversions
  • All products and features come with unique counters capable of recording and billing usage, up to an individual event level. Thresholds are defined for counters to dynamically mark progressions/set restrictions onto the next pricing tier.
  • Support for corporate customers and single payer multi-user use cases, with user and sub-user budget allocations based on payer preference. For example, Accounting can allocate x amount of funds to manager to spend of application z.
  • Discounts and credit engine

Event Processing Application (APE)

Capable of recording, analyzing and computing billions of events in near-real time to enable the most complex pay-per-use billing scenarios, all at micro latencies.

Lending/Credit Engine

Allows for definition of multiple credit sources to be allocated to customers.

  • Credits can be tied to a physical, fiat, crypto or ephemeral sources
  • Credit can be used for purchases or as part of larger applications facilitating advanced lending/smart contract operations relating to a relationship between business and its customer. For example, Hanba.io can lend its services to a friendly business as a credit on the basis of smart contract tied to a token penalty on the failure of repayment

Collections Engine

Define a collection policy which can restrict customer usage, suspend or terminate subscription. All based on dynamically configured collections subset of collections rules.

Billing Engine

  • Hanba.io automatically generates the bill for you and includes all the detailed usage up to the aggregated event level per user/sub-user/customer.
  • Multiple billing and invoicing templates
  • Can send the bill pdf directly to your customer
  • Can send your customer a link to view the bill via Hanbai front end library (integrated into your web application)
  • Can provide you with a bill pdf link so you can email it to your customer from your domain name

Hanbai Cost Explorer

Tabular utility that gives customer a granular view of their costs based on all their currently purchased products and features up to the micro-usage level.

Multiple Charging System Support

Presently only supports Stripe and Braintree, can be easily extended to support other customer charging providers.

Analytics Engine (Powered by Metrics.im)

Hanbai is configured to provide a huge subset of common billing, ordering, revenue management and product management kpi’s out of the box as well as configurable via Metrics.im to add user specific KPI’s and Analytics with ease. Some of the KPI’s include:

  • Revenue Management
    • Churn
    • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
    • % Revenue, By Service And Application Type
    • % Revenue, For Products
    • % Revenue, For Features
    • % Customers Acquired
    • % Customers Lost
    • % Revenue Unbilled And Underbilled
  • Collections
    • % Revenue Recovered
    • % Revenue Recoverable
    • # Months Revenue Recovery Process Time, Per Revenue Recovery Case
  • Billing
    • # Bill Payments
    • # Bill Payment Attempts
    • % Bill Payment Success
    • One-time purchases analytics
    • % Bill Hold Dunning
  • Product Management
    • $ Sales from products and features
    • Performance of specific product or features overtime
    • Usage of specific product and feature overtime
    • Paid vs free usage for product or feature overtime
    • Profitable products/service vs unprofitable

Front-End Library

Front end library integrates into your web or mobile application and enables you to provide the following services to your customer:

  • Add/Modify Payment Methods
  • Retrieve Product Catalogue and Provide a customizable representation of product catalogue
  • Purchase product or feature
  • View Bill
  • View past bills
  • Search Bills
  • View current product usage
  • Upgrade and modify subscription on the fly
  • Consume, toggle purchased features
  • View Costs/Explore costs on granular level

Hanbai API Library

  • Add/Modify Payment Methods
  • Retrieve product catalogue
  • Check customer eligibility for a product
  • Verify customers feature ownership
  • Increment Usage counter
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Subscription Tiers
  • Retrieve Bills
  • Search Bills
  • Dispute transaction

Hanbai Backoffice

Allows you to keep track and search across multiple catalogue for transactions, rejected/accepted charges and handle disputes all from the hanbai app.


Distributed data analytics and visualization platform capable of gathering, processing and analyzing Petabytes of data from diverse data source and derrive meaningful insights fast.

  • Create and design beautiful dashboards with mock data
  • Connect dashboards to multiple live data sources (Rest, NOSQL, SQL, CSV, XML, HDF5, Websockets)
  • Collect heavy data from event streams
  • Aggregate large datasets quickly using parallel processing
  • Update metrics from data streams in near-real/real time
  • Share metrics among your team or publically


Docsie let’s you easily manage your website documentation across multiple versions and languages. It delivers your most up-to-date documentation to website visitors by embedding a simple piece of Java Script into your site

  • Manage Documentation for multiple sites
  • Version your documentation
  • Allow your customers to access multiple versions of your documentation
  • Easily support multiple languages (English, French or PHP and Python)
  • Allow customer to switch between languages or default to his preferred language from the start
  • 30,000 requests for month are free
  • Only pay for what you use. It amounts to around 10$ per 100k requests that’s 0.0001$ per request
  • Easily update your documentation in our Editor and have those changes reflected immediately on your website