We help businesses to

easily create intelligent documentation

build and launch ai-driven digital marketplaces

analyze and visualize terrabytes of data in near realtime

Products to supercharge your businesss

High performance Billing Solution which enables your business to handle complex event based billing use cases, at a fraction of the cost. Pay-per-use (time and value based), recurring billing, one-time-purchases, consumables are all supported and easy to define and implement. Spend less time configuring products and more time adding meaningful functionality today.


Easily manage your website documentation and changing content across multiple versions and languages. It delivers your most up-to-date documentation to website visitors by embedding a simple piece of Java Script into your site.

Simple data analytics and visualization platform capable of gathering, processing and analyzing Petabytes of data from diverse data source to derive and visualize meaningful insights fast. Got lots of data that you can’t afford to crunch? Let MiM handle it, it’s build for that.

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Open API's to Empower Your Start-Up

We Strive for Simple

We believe Open API's is the way of the future. That is why we have been hard at work making docsie.io, metrics.im & hanba.io as simple, easy and streamlined as possible.

Our Vision is Modular

Because no one likes slid blocks. We believe that people should be given a choice to select and use what they want, when they want it.

Our Commitment is Accesibility

We are poised to create awesome pay as you go services that fast, functional and take minutes to integrate into your products.

Who we are?

About Likalo

We are a technology company based in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in highly scalable, high performance embedded services and API’s focused on Billing, Analytics, Content/Media and productivity.
Want to be an early adopter? Email admin@likalo.com with your current project and we can help you integrate with us free of charge!