E2E Billing Solution for Start-ups

Open API's to Empower Your Start-Up

Hanba.io E2E Billing solution for start-ups. All it takes is a few lines of code. Find out more!

Metric.im is an analytics API that let's you quickly embed enterprise grade analytics into your application. All it takes is a couple of minutes.

Productivity apps

Y-Todo is a productivity APP. Our goal is to create a simple, easy to use solution based on a well known todo concept of post it notes.

Open API's to Empower Your Start-Up

We Strive for Simple

We believe Open API's is the way of the future. That is why we have been hard at work making metrics.im & hanba.io as simple, easy and streamlined as possible.

Our Vision is Modular

Because no one likes slid blocks. We believe that people should be given a choice to select and use what they want, when they want it.

Our Goal is Social

The social services have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Our end goal is to make our API's avalible as apps on all major social services.

Are these your only products?

Absolutely Not!

We are working a few other secret projects in Artificial Intelligence and Health, but we are keeping those under wraps!
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How do I find out more?

Getting More Information

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Contact Us

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